Have you ever heard about wake-boarding? This is how Varsovians cope with the lack of the sea during the summer.

Even though it doesn’t look like, this sport is really easy. They say that you can see the progress really fast and sometimes you are able to turn on the first lesson.
One trial lasts 15 minutes. Sounds like it is too short? You can rent it for longer, but believe me – for a beginner, 15 minutes are just fine!

There are already a couple options of Wake Parks:

WAKE Family
Adress: Tczewska 4A Street / Warsaw
Prices: 45Pln for 15 minutes for one person

How to get there: only with a car

Address: Wspólna Street, Bielawa/ Konstancin-Jeziorna

website: http://wawawake.pl

40 PLN for 15 minutes for one person till 4 p.m.
45 PLN after 4 p.m.
The prices incude the coach, wet suit and a helmet.
Price doesn’t include the board. You have to pay 5pln for renting the board.

How to get there: only with a car

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