Obtaining Driving License “Category B”

The driving license “Category B” is a very useful document for traveling by your own means. To be able to use this document in Poland, there are different situations that will be summarized below:

1. Having Driving License from your Home Country.

A. If your Home Country is a member of the European Union, you will not have any problem to use your driving license in Poland, the document is valid.

B. If your Home Country is not a member of the European Union, but is a member of the “1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic”, you may manage a driving license exchange with Polish Authorities. Taking into account the following requirements:

– Residence Card or Karta Pobytu

– You have been in  Poland for a period of 180 days

– Copy of your Home Country driving license

– Certified translation of your Home Country driving license

– Picture (Driving license format)

The Polish Authorities must assure that the document is original and valid, therefore they need to contact your Home Country Authorities. This procedure may take long, depending on the interaction and “optimal communication” between authorities.

C. If your Home Country is not a member of the European Union and Vienna Convention, the situation gets a little bit more complicated. But well, its not impossible! (Honduras is not a member of one nor the other ;P)

In this case, you must perform a complete driving course followed by examinations.

2. You have your Home Country Driving License, but expired

We have been informed, that there is a new Polish Law that allows to obtain the Polish Driving License even if you have an expired one from your Home Country; but only to those countries member of the “Vienna Treaty”. If this is not the case, unfortunately  you must perform the complete driving course.

The prices of the Driving Schools in Warsaw are much cheaper than in other UE Countries, the prices are between 1800 – 2600 zł, for “Category B” driving license.

Some of the english driving schools in Warsaw we can mention are:

– Rajdowiec       http://www.rajdowiec.waw.pl/driving-school-warsaw.php

– Easy Drive      http://easydrive.pl/

– Imola               http://www.imola.com.pl/

After you have finished your driving course, you should be prepared to pass the National Examination, which have 2 parts: Theoretical and Practical. Once you have succeeded on the exams, you wait between 1 – 3 weeks to receive the document.

Personally, I had the opportunity to perform my driving course in Rajdowiec Driving School. At present, is the most economic option with a great quality for the price.


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