Residence Card or “Karta Pobytu”

The “Karta Pobytu” or Residence Card is a document needed to be obtained if you plan to stay in Poland for a longer period of time (not applicable for EU citizens).

There exists 2 types of Residence Cards:  Temporary and Permanent

The Temporary Residence Card is issued for a maximum of 3 years. This card is usually issued for international students or temporary workers within the Polish territory.

The Permanent Residence Card is issued with a validity of 10 years. Usually is processed after 3 years of marriage with a Polish citizen. Other options, for persons who have established a business or have a permanent job staying permanently in the Polish territory for a period of 5 years without interruption.

You may find detailed and updated information by clicking the following link:

Furthermore, the contact information of the Mazovian Office of Foreign Affairs, where you may manage all the procedures mentioned above:

Wydział Spraw Cudzoziemców
ul. Długa 5
00-263 Warszawa

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