If you have found this webpage it means that we have already a lot in common.  We want to spend an amazing time in Warsaw!


Lena – polish girl that has lived for almost all of my life in Warsaw. I have polish blood in my veins, thai-italian stomach and a latin heart. I want that everyone that is coming to Warsaw, will feel like home.



Allan – born in Honduras, living in Warsaw since 2014. We share something in common, like You, I have arrived to a country of different culture, customs and language.  With the aim of adapting, sharing and enjoying in a completely different environment from my country of origin.


We have decided to share our experiences to help those who want to discover and enjoy the essence of Warsaw to its maximum. This guide was developed to guide and contribute in a positive way during your visit or stay in Warsaw.

Warsaways.com is not a conventional guide. You won’t find here all those long descriptions of the monuments or long boring stories. We will show you what is the best in Warsaw. There are no recommendations of places that paid for it. Everything that we recommend is only because we have tried it and we love it! We will tell you what is worth to see. We will tell you where locals eat – so you won’t pay “like a tourist”. Where you should go if you want to feel Polish for a while. Many places are not exclusive, but certainly are memorable and have their own cozy atmospheres. Warsaw is full of surprises – you just have to know where to search for them. We want you to feel comfortable and excited, not lost somewhere between streets with strange polish signs! Come with us….

See you in Warsaw!

Lena & Allan


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