Mobile Communication

There are several  companies dedicated to the mobile service , each with different proposals and promotions for the needs of each one.

You can purchase a prepaid “sim card” in most convenience stores. Normally  they contain promotions (approximate cost between 5zł – 10zł). For example, the company Play offers a “sim card” for 5 zł, with access to 1 GB of internet; ideal to use maps and communication applications.

You can add credit to your “SIM card” in several places such as: ATMs, internet, transport ticket machines, shops, etc. This “pre-paid” option is most of all aimed to people who are not interested in signing a mobile phone contract, or will remain in Poland for a short period of time.

There is also the option to choose to contract with the mobile phone company if you are interested to settle for a longer period of time, obtaining several benefits such as unlimited calling, messaging and internet.

Among the different mobile phone companies we may mention the following:





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