Pole Mokotowskie Park

One of the most popular parks among young people for its accessibility, location and party atmosphere. This beautiful park is located in the heart of Warsaw, between the Downtown and Mokotów district. It consists of approximately 56 hectares, being one of the largest in Warsaw. Located within the area of the park, is the Polish National Library. At the same time, you can find several restaurants, bars, ice cream sales, and snacks.




The park is open all year long, but is much more popular during the hot summer months. The place is ideal to meet with a group of friends for the grilling afternoons/evenings. There are sections within the park, where grilling is permitted. Keep in mind that in Poland, is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages in public spaces.  So to avoid problems, if you decide take any alcoholic drink, try to pour it in a container … Preventing is better than regretting! 😉









It is during the warm season, when there are a lot of outdoor music events, firework shows, and food markets.





You can reach the park via Metro Line 1 or Trams# 17, 33.

Station: “Pole Mokotowskie”.