Top 5 places to eat breakfast in Warsaw

Top 5 places to eat breakfast in Warsaw!

Warsaways selects some of the best breakfasts and brunches available in central Warsaw.

1. The one and only Aioli Cantine Bar Deli

We have already mentioned about Aioli here.
It is an awesome place not only for a breakfast but also for a lunch, a date and evening meetings. Comming back to breakfasts – from Monday to Friday you buy any coffee that you like and you get any breakfast for only 1 zł. Isn’t it amazing? during weekends it is th eother way round – you buy breakfast and you get a coffee for 1 zł. It means that during a week you can have a huge english breakfast and a coffee for more or less 2,5 euro! Can you find such an offer in any other european capital?
I guess not! So there is no other option than meeting in Aioli! See you there!


2. Momu
Momu is a twin sister (or brother) of Aioli.

3. Bułkę przez bibułkę

4. Targ śniadaniowy (Breakfast market)

5. Leniviec
leniviec2 by dmpdias
by dmpdias