Transport Airport Modlin

Modlin Airport is located 35 kms northwest of Warsaw. Despite of being slightly far away from the city center, this airport is popular for the very low-budget airline Ryanair. Flights to different cities such as: London, Paris, Madrid, Athens, Milan, Rome, Athens, are some of the destinations from this airport.

How to get there:

There are several options to reach Modlin Airport:

  • If you own a car, you may leave it in the both of the parkings of the airport (Orange and Yellow). Where prices are relatively reasonable if you are going just for a few days (40-50 zł approximately 1-7 days).
  • Using the Bus Service. The Modlin Bus usually leaves from different points of Warsaw; one of the most accessible locations is from the parking of the Palace of Culture and Science in the city center. Prices are relatively comfortable and vary depending on the season and time at which the ticket is purchased. Buses usually leave every hour. For more information, visit the website:
  • Using the Train Service. The trains usually leave from Warsaw Central Station to Modlin station. Afterwards there is a shuttle bus to the airport; they leave every 30 minutes. Usually the price of the shuttle bus is around 4 zł. Prices of the train ticket are around 20 zł. To find more information and updated prices please visit:

For more detailed and updated information about Modlin Airport and its various services, please visit the following page:


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