Urban Transport

The urban transport system in Warsaw is quite simple and efficient as well.  We may classify this transport service in 3 different groups:

  • Subway-Line: For a long time, Warsaw had only one subway line. This line travels from north to south and vice versa, to the end stations Kabaty and Mociny, respectively. Recently, the second line was opened running from East to West. Interestingly this line crosses the Vistula River through an underground tunnel. The line is planned to be extended in a near future.
  • Tram-Line: Distributed through all the city;  very efficient way to reach central locations.
  • Bus-Line: Complements the transportation system, to arrive to places where there is no access by metro or trams. Additionally, the bus line has a night bus service, which usually go every hour after 12:00 am.

Individual normal tickets cost 4,40 zł, with a duration of 75 minutes. There is also the option of  a shorter time ticket of 3,40 zł, with a duration of 20 minutes.

The choice of a transport card for 30 or 90 days is quite comfortable if your stay is long and you will be using the public transport daily.

There is a special price for students and seniors.

More and updated information on the following link: www.ztm.pl

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