Poniatowski Beach

The Wisła, like any river consists of two riversides. But this riversides are completely opposite to each other…Watchout! The West riverside , which is closest to the city, is more developed – with a variety of bars, restaurants, boats, recreation areas; there is even a small dock where you can catch a ferry. While the East riverside (Prague District side), is a little bit more “wild” and natural; an ideal place for a picnic or barbecue enjoying the surrounding nature.



                              View of Poniatowski beach and the National Stadium

Another feature worth to mention between the differences  of the riversides, is that in the East Riverside you are allowed to drink alcohol, while in the West side, you are NOT! Only if you are within the boundaries of a bar. So better take it into consideration if you don’t want to pay a ticket to the police.

Sooo, when the Summertime is coming, both riversides are full with people. Some of them grilling, taking some sun, having fun…. Simply enjoying the Summer at its maximum!

There are various music concerts and events – an Amazing party atmosphere. Its very normal and popular to celebrate birthday parties out in this area.

                                   One of the many colorful sunsets over Warsaw



                                 Ferry boat transport along the Wisła river



                                   Poniatowski beach during a HOT Summer day



                                                                         Fun in the Sun!



                                                         Grilling Season…. Ohhh Yeahh!!!

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