Street Art in Warsaw

Warsaw is changing really fast. Even when it comes to street art – the new graffiti and murals are appearing each time more and more. We present you some of murals we have visited, but you can be sure that there are much more of these all around the city.


Murals that you can find close to Złote Tarasy commercial center,  are dedicated to soldiers fighting against the Soviet regime.


This murals can be found by Tamka Street, just beside the Chopin Museum. The one above is dedicated to Polish artists and culture.


Sponsored by Cola Cola, but it looks better than just a grey wall; Tamka Street.



                                                      Mural in Widok Street



                      “Here Begins a New World” at the beginning of Nowy Swiat Street



                                                  Artistic Expression in Widok Street


Mural dedicated to the “Child Soldiers” who fought and died                                               during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Located at Wilanowska Street, Solec.



                                  Surrealistic Art located at Przemysłowa Street



               Mural located along Passage “Stefan Wiecheckiego” in the City Center



Representation during the elaboration process, located between Czackiego and Mazowiecka streets



Mural in allusion to the scientist Marie Skłodowska Curie, first woman to win a Nobel Prize, a Polish pride. Located near Warsaw University.


Come on, try to find these and other expression of Street Art, normally hidden within the City!



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