Łazienki Royal Park

The Royal Łazienki Park (curiously means “baths”) is certainly the most extensive and popular public park in Warsaw. A large green area in the city center consisting of architectural jewels, lush forests and a beautiful lake makes this place a popular family destination.


You can enjoy a relaxing and refreshing walk through its green areas, where you can feed squirrels and birds, appreciate nice architecture, take a gondola ride on the lake, and enjoy of different musical concerts.


Famous for hosting a Botanic Garden, a monument dedicated to the famous composer Fredyryk Chopin, an Amphitheater, Belvedere Palace, Museums and other attractions more.


During the Summer season, various activities are developed on its surroundings such as: music festivals, food and beverage sales, outdoor concerts, art exhibitions, sports activities, among others. The Park is also very popular to go for sunbaths on their extensive green areas, afterwards cooling off with an ice cream or cold drink available in nearby establishments.


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